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Saturday, June 27, 2009

atmosphere blue

Put your loving arms around me
And you whisper to me when you
Put your loving arms around me
And inside your arms I'm burning
Put your loving arms around me
And you whisper to me when you
And inside your arms I'm burning

I'm burning, inside your arms I'm burning...

yesterday was a day of false starts. new carpeting was to be installed in my townhouse. my mom and aunt came over to oversee the work as i had to go to the office. and my aunt had offered to paint my bathroom and kitchen for me while the work was being done. so they arrived on thursday evening, we went to dinner, and they stayed over. in the morning we moved all the items on the floors onto the patio before i went to work so the installers could have at it. and i had purchased paint (atmosphere blue) at restoration hardware to be put on the walls of the uncarpeted rooms. i left for work.

i got an emergency call during clinic with a message of paint problem and no carpet. i called to find out that the installers had not shown and the paint had some textural issue as it was runny and oily and would not adhere to the walls. we decided to run to the local hardware store and ask them to machine shake the paint and i phoned the carpet salesman. He assured me he would check on things and get back. i left my mom's number for him to respond.

the install was rebooked for today and the remixed paint remained runny. the decision to exchange or return the paint was made. if return was necessary, a second visit to the hardware store to mix a paint to the swatch of atmosphere blue. my houseguests stayed an extra night. i made a steak salad and we watched a don cheadle film called "traitor". both of them fell asleep- possibly a relevant movie review.

it is pride weekend in denver. i have lots of furniture to move this morning and then again this afternoon. the kitchen is left to be painted. i need to get a new drill and possibly some shelving. i am looking into refinancing to upgrade the kitchen appliances, move the plumbing and add a gas line for cooking. am having an appraisal on monday. we'll see.
i still love this process of nesting i am in. it feels like getting a big hug.

happy pride....

today's sound choice is armin van buuren's remix of karen overton with "put your loving arms around me"



Java said...

Nesting can be fun. Atmosphere blue sounds very peaceful. Friendly visits from loving relatives who are willing to help you paint is da BOMB!!

good luck!

Sheria said...

This nesting thing suits you. Your tone is so relaxed even though things didn't go exactly as planned. I like the paint color and the website is really useful. I'm thinking about painting my living room and I could use some ideas.

Happy pride back at you, and sending you a big hug.

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