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Saturday, June 20, 2009 or linen

this is certainly a frou frou entry. i have been trying to decide which window coverings to use. i am putting in new carpeting and i think i just need to update a little. i am leaning towards the belgian linen, but who knows.

i laugh to myself as i type this, because this is completely a gold-plated problem to have. it's quite a departure from the dilemnas i use to have. i am sure that this focus is a reflection of where my heart is. i see myself as in a "nesting" state of mind.

i learn more about myself each day and this process is no exception.

today's sound choice is someone i learned about from an old friend on facebook. she said she went for awhile absolutely needing a daily fix of andrew bird. here is his "imitosis" (sidebar- the two bugs with the jewelry are reminiscent of dorian gray as he grew older and became more jaded...he would watch tortoises with semi-precious stones embedded reflect and refract the sunlight as they meandred across the floor....


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Sheria said...

I still vote for the silk but the linen is a good second choice. Choose the fabric that makes you sigh and say, "Perfection." Like the music selection. I've never heard Andrew Bird before but I like his style and his lyrics.

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