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Monday, June 15, 2009

just another manic monday

shifting gears from weekend to weekday is much easier since i have slowed way down on the catering gigs. i had the shopping day on saturday and went to see the new travolta/washington film, and then sunday i was fortunate enough to see a friend for tea and got a mess (literally) of yard work done that has been causing me grief.

i purchased new curtains for the bohemian love pad, new dishes, and some new shirts which i sorely need. i even bought a lavendar polo, although i cannot even begin to figure where i might wear it. no doubt more will be revealed.

amazingly, i did not get everything done i hoped for. but i did accomplish personal care items and am thrilled with that. so when i slip into sunday afternoon, i feel a little remorse, but even more satisfaction that i was blessed with down time.

monday morning brings a 6am workout, followed by a huddle at the office at 8am. working straight through till 5p with an hour lunch and a change of locations in the afternoon, followed by a drive to the burbs for 4 hours of dui classes. this seems the longest day as it is in such opposition to the weekend.

the blessed part of this crazy schedule is the very little amount of time i have to be in my own head. i am required to be present for others for the totality of work time. i am allowed to be of service and find ways to give to others.

today's sound choice is an acoustic version of manic monday by the bangles.


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