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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

yours is the light

When you possess light within, you see it externally. ~Anaïs Nin

cravings are said to last about 5 or 10 minutes. early into recovery it is advised to remember that "this too shall pass" when one is jonesing or having a craving for anything. the most aggravating thing about this cliche is that it ends up being true. even when those cravings are only minutes apart, they really only last a short while.

one of the most astounding things learned from this is that it takes a leap of faith to try working with it, in spite of the fact that it is so simple that it is beyond frustrating. one has to trust that trying something new will reap results that are different from the ass backwards results that one has been yielding with the same old approaches.

so when trusting that an urge or a craving will pass, when it is completely a foreign concept, becomes a tool in the arsenal, it is with very little fanfare and without much real belief that it will work.

but it does work. or at least that is my experience. and i now believe that a good portion of the reason it works is the faith involved. because when we place faith in the idea that this will pass, we are also putting faith in ourselves once again, but in a new way. maybe we are saying "i can get through this awful part and find higher ground. and it can happen with me trying something new.

faith has become a cornerstone of my life today. faith in myself, faith in others, faith in our nature, and faith in being connected. so many times i find myself being reminded that things do work out, that i will be okay, that happiness does really come from within, and that more will be revealed.

in other words the light comes from within.

today's sound choice is vintage santana with flora purim "yours is the light"



Java said...

It sounds so promising. Can I really get there? Some days it's no problem. Today, though, I dunno.

Mark said...


Sheria said...

Sometimes I wonder if everyone isn't in recovery from something. Maybe most of us just don't talk about it so eloquently. I have a problem with the faith thing. I can't seem to settle on what or who I believe in. I do get it about the cravings, they do pass, no matter what it is that you crave.

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