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Thursday, September 10, 2009


i am taking a 2-day domestic violence class with tomorrow being the end. it has been quite interesting and has stirred some echoes in me. however it strangely seems safe and okay. the tough situations i have been blessed to survive and the self deprecating emotions they branded onto my psyche remain tombed(i am not my past).i was amazed as i listened to a list and description of personality traits that are displayed by dv offenders. it reads like an "eek" list or a "what to do when i'm frightened" playbook. i guess i never realized that such violence could emanate from a place of fear, although i am very aware that it leaves much fear in its wake. but it makes lotsa sense when i break it down.

am headed to grand lake for the weekend and will be staying a shadowcliff lodge. i am hoping it doesn't rain on saturday so i can go on the trail ridge hike. and i will suffer through bowling on saturday night. maybe i'll even have a few laughs. and i picked up a copy of swish to read while i'm there.

i'll be taking the laptop, but i won't be doing much more than checking fb and my email. back on sunday and i need a getaway.

today's sound choice is the mighty mighy evan dando and the lemonheads with their sombre and striking version of "beautiful" sorry... i just love the lemonheads


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