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Friday, October 23, 2009

the air foundation

i ran into nick sterner of the air foundation the other and he invited me to a celebration dinner this saturday at the westin in westminster. several of his runners just finished the denver marathon and there  is to be small joy banquet as they look back upon their progress and their accomplishments.

in case you haven't heard of them, the air foundation supports long distance running as a means to alcohol and lifestyle rehabilitation. they are currently working with former alcoholics as well as some homeless people and instilling the long distance training mentality into their psyches. It is nick's belief that the principals needed to train for a marathon can and will transform a person's life.

now that's a thought that's worth taking into the weekend. more on nick sterner's "the air foundation" here
and if you're free on saturday night, come join us at the westin in westminster. we'll be listening to some people sharing the wonders of their lives transforming. there is something about being around people who are pursuing a dream that never gets tiring for me..

today's sound choice is a repeat. another friend burned this song and gave me a copy, telling me it made them think of me.. that's 2 now.. i guess i'm supposed to look a little deeper.. the noisettes with "never forget you"


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