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Monday, October 19, 2009

stonewall at the sevens

Drop In, Be Heard, Get Real, Be Seen, Find Out... Good Health.... Great Life... or some of those...
The Stonewall Sevens.. A fresh approach to healthy living...

Drop In, Find Out, Be Heard, Be Seen, Good Health, Great Life...
and this is how my crazy brain works. as i put together in my head how this recovery support group might take shape, it is necessary to give it an identity both by name and intention. of course, once it starts to happen, this all may change, but i think it's right to get it started.

it will not be a treatment group at all. it is recovery support- for people who don't want treatment, who don't need treatment, are undecided and have questions, or who have stopped using something and need/want  some support around that. at least this is the design. there is no such non-secular service like this (other than 12 step or life ring) in our metro area. it's also a way to develop relationship with people who are simply questioning wherever they are at. and i won't have the answers, but will hopefully help support them while they look for those answers themselves.

i am thinking about these images as part of the flyer. i love the rainbow's subtle, but makes good sense for a drop in group. i love the 70's image of the first gay pride march in 1970. and i love the triple 7's from a slot machine. it turns out that the address where the group will be is 777 Bannock. The building traditionally has a different name, and i hope i can get away with giving it a new reference. but "the 7's" really makes me smile. and in some weird way, it indicates good luck. and i am definitely hoping that there is some truth to that. either way, i like the reference.

the other images are self explanatory i think. contemplation and reflection are the inferences. and the two images at the end are flyers in the shape and size of event tickets- the front and back image. i think that using tickets to give to referrals will leave a good impression. there will need to be a flyer for counselor's offices though, too.

in case you haven't noticed, i am posting this on sunday. these days are designed to be chill days for me. but i guess this is indicative of how i chill. i process almost all the time, and writing this out and looking it over is pretty damn helpful to me. who knows, maybe next week, i'll decide on a completely different direction.

i have started to listen to the 2nd cd from the "back to mine" collection. this is the compilation of krafty kuts

today's sound choice is massive attack's 1988 recording of "any love". btw, they are sampling one of my favorite old school rap records in this one... "funk you up" by the sequence group... from 1979(which starred the beatiful and talented angie stone)



Java said...

I particularly like that the address is 777. Pretty cool, really.

Will this be a place where those still using can come for answers and information, too? It sounds like a grand idea. Good luck!!

Sheria said...

I enjoy reading the progression of your creative process.

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