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Thursday, November 5, 2009

cave of angels

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.--Anonymous

as i had hoped, i am finding this journey with the "back to mine" cd's a festival of sound and wonder. with each cd, i have added some new ideas to my vault and have extended my understanding of music a little. for me, music has always been more than just a distraction. it has provided both comfort and nourishment, and has been a lighthouse during my lost years as well as the years that i have moved closer to light.

talvin singh's complilation is certainly an exotic meal for me. his selections have a definite "world music" quality that surpass the others i have visited thus far. i find the stretching that is required to percolate and infuse these sounds may be opening doorways in my heart and mind. and i am definitely on board with the continuance of growth.

so maybe with today's post, i affirm that i willingly travel to the "cave of angels" to deepen my awareness of the rewards of remaining respectful of the miracles that occur around me and through me. on some level, i know this to be true.

i got an invitation on fb to join a boycott of maine and maine lobster. as i read this, my stomach turned. this is not the response i would like to put forward. i remember back in the early 90's when amendment 2 passed in colorado. the rest of the country and the lgbt community started the boycott colorado campain. i didn't get on board with that either. i remember feeling abandoned by my community. i thought: here we are fighting the fight, and my compadres are leaving us in the dust to absorb the losses. and i remember thinking then that a better response to the passage of amendment 2 might be to build a national lgbt museum in colorado springs because obviously citizens don't know enough of us personally or they couldn't vote in good conscience the way that they did.

i haven't fashioned an appropriate response in my mind for the time being other than yesterday's post. but i do know that i don't feel a boycott of the economy of a state where 48 percent of the voters validated our agenda seems well thought out or a healthy direction..

i got to listen to a friend explain to someone some serious elements of their current health status yesterday. the listener has been homeless for about 10 years, and has been involved in some pretty serious "runnin and gunnin" with alcohol and crack for those years. a definitive reaction of the listener could not be seen or heard. there seemed to be a silence and lack of reaction more than anything else. i wonder if it has been so long that this person has actually been soberly present in their life, that they may not remember how to react spontaneously. or if they are just cautious and need to process quietly. none-the-less, it was a little like watching a silent film, the picture was there and told a story, but what wasn't said had it's own storyline. there are many times i am unable to fix anything or make it better. the most i can do is be present and be a witness.

today's sound choice is dreadzone with "cave of angels". this comes from the talvin singh "back to mine" cd. love it.


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1 comment:

Sheria said...

it has provided both comfort and nourishment, and has been a lighthouse during my lost years as well as the years that i have moved closer to light. Your words perfectly capture how I feel about music. My life has a soundtrack I can hear the opening bars of a particualr song and be transported for a moment to the time and place that the music evokes in my memory

I love today's selection. It's haunting and hypnotic. I shall listen to it again.

I think that sometimes the only thing that anyone can offer is to listen, especially if the listener has his or her own issues. I think that sometimes listening is enough. So many of us just need someone to listen; it eases the feelings of being disconnected tha sometimes overwhelm us.

I respect your approach to a boycott of Maine. I, too, am focusing on that nearly half of the voters in Maine voted in favor of equality under the law for all. I like to think that the time for real change is near and that the majority will soon be those who do not favor discrimination.

I still do not understand why the idea of two adults choosing to make a legal, public, and emotional commitment to love one another causes so many people to react with such bigotry. Love is hard to find and when it is found, it should be cherished.

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