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Monday, November 16, 2009

something to soothe


the huddle has begun. it's drawn people - about 7 or so each meeting. it has been marketed about 3 weeks now. there are conversations happening and there has been a spectrum of use issues thus far. this is the purpose of this venture. a place within our clinic setting for lgbt patients to develop a sense of community within the divisive nature of their struggles. and people  are talking each meeting. but i have rarely known too many gay people to have difficulty talking when they feel somewhat safe. even if it is only to bitch. (although this is not how this hase rolled out thus far.)

the circle starts early next month. it is hoped that this will offer support and insight to folks who are struggling with inspiration and direction in their lives- substance use and abuse being one of the issues at the top of that list. it is thought that the journey with hiv (pre or post diagnosis) can be so engulfing that it can become difficult to pick oneself up, dust oneself off, and move forward. it is hoped that this process will offer some assistance with this piece of life. it's based on journaling and reconnecting with one's internal guide or creative force. it is believed that eveyone has an internal voice, and although they may have different volume settings, they are none-the-less valuable to each of us for our survival. this group is to be co-facilitated by a psych nurse so if an issue of a deeper nature arises, we should have immediate support available. and if no such happenstance occurs, we will have fun remembering our less mature and responsibility-burdened selves.

this seems to represent a shift in direction for our little universe. it feels a privilege to be witness this shift and participate in it. i am truly grateful for the opportunity and anticipate the direction that it takes me.

today's sound choice is soft and soothing for me. it is dashboard confessional with "stolen"



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