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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

hard work

one of my very dearest friends celebrated his birthday yesterday. i have plans to go to chicago next weekend  to see him and celebrate his journey. i haven't been to chicago for almost 2 years it's actually so long ago that it's hard to remember ever actually living there. but i did, and there are several folks there who still sweeten my cuppa tea. it's funny, cuz in many of the pics i see of him, he is always wearing shirts i gave him 5 or more years ago. it makes me laugh. so i got him several new shirts to add to the collection. maybe each time he wears them he feels a big hug from me.

i haven't taken a vacation in over 2 years. i have gone away for work, but not really just a getaway to lather up in fun and frolic. his condo is on north lake shore drive. the view is spectacular. every moment there, i will be aware that i am somewhere else. i am thinking this is some therapy i may need.

my friend turned 55 this year. eeeegaaad! how the hell did we find ourselves here. "i don't think we're in kansas anymore" hardly skims the surface. most of my friends are at the half century mark. whether we are more blissful or not i cannot honestly say, but i do believe we have gotten better. better at working a room, better at knowing our own hearts, better at helping a friend, better at the giving of comfort, and better at receiving both praise and criticism. whatever else can be said, 50 plus is hard work. worth doing and worth rejoicing.

this particular friend is part of a small circle of guys that dramatically changed my life back in the late 70's-early 80's. like a groundhog, they helped me learn to pop my head out of the ground and look around a bit. they reinforced in me the importance of giving to others and trying to live right-minded. strange words coming from a recovering addict i am sure, but definitely my truth. this trip will herald in my holiday season. i can feel the excitement starting to build. this is part of the fun, no?
i cracked open another installment of the "back to mine" cd collection. this one is from carl cox and it seems to have a home spun flavor i cannot help but love.a little house-y and a little jazz-y  it reminds me of what was once home.  many of the cuts reflect much of my own musical history. today's sound choice is captain john handy with "hard work"


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