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Sunday, November 8, 2009

definitely maybe

Maya Hayes: What's the boy word for 'slut'?
this weekend has been stellar. i was able, with the help of a newly relocated cousin, to finally plant the 425 tulip and daffodil bulbs around the yard. the thing is the yard is houses 5 units so 425 doesn't really go as far as one might expect. but it's a lot of digging and squatting. luckily it was 72 degrees yesteray and that was part of the bonus.

i worked a party with a chef last night and it was also pretty standout. the house was a former boetcher family house that has been reno-ed recently, and quite well. the menu had a lovely french influence and quite seasonal, fried artichoke hearts, clams casino, mixed greens with apples and pomegranite seeds, beef bourgignon, with a lovely cheese course ending. the hosts were exceptionally gracious and i scored a gratuity large enough to pay off a credit card bill.

i was lollygagging around saturday afternoon and watched the film "definitely, maybe" with ryan reynolds and boy was i surprised at how much i enjoyed it. as he regaled the story of his love interests to his daughter, including the parts with her mother, he reveals so much about his own defects, hopes, and desires than he probably meant to do. but in his unravelling of his truth, he seems to find himself in a way he had been unable before.

there is a very strange bit about his character not knowing who curt cobain was, which seems implausible to me. but letting that go, the writing was thoughtful,  and the performances worked for me, it was fresh, it was romantic, and i got my goofy weekend cryjag need fulfilled. i am in heaven. and i am reminded of the undulating path my own life and heart have taken over the years. many times the things i rebuffed early on became much more important and meaningful to me later. at the top of this list would be my relationship with my family, my decision to stop self medicating (except with sugar and shopping), and my mental health.

the other five star addition to my weekend has been the "back to mine" cd by bugz in the attic. this one takes me back a little  there is a frankie knuckles cut, and a real favorite of mine - stool pigeon by kid creole and the coconuts. but today's sound choice is selected strictly for it's "chill" quality. i have played it repeatedly and it has remained in my head. here is vintage earth, wind, and fire with "departure"



1 comment:

Sheria said...

How I do love EWF. Great sound choice. Haven't seen definitely, maybe but from yhour review, it sounds like my type of film I always enjoy a film that provides me with a degree of cathartic relief, in other words, I enjoy a good cry, whether sad or happy tears.

Ialso have bulbs to plant. I only have about 80 left to go. Mostly tulips, and a few daddodils. I planted 150 purple crocuses three years ago and I look forward to late February when they stick their heads ot into the sunlight. They've multiplied over the years and are such a bright addition to my yard when winter is still lingering.

I am more and more awed by your culinary talents.

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