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Friday, December 4, 2009

every day i write

a view from behind the desk (there's a pic of me at 21 at the top-my mother gave it to me)

every day i write the book. today is yet another of those days. the temp outside is in the single digits. i need to salt the sidewalks and carry chili to the car to serve at 2 meetings today.  i cannot know how all this will go. i have an 8am meeting, a 10am appt, an 11am meeting, a 1pm meet and greet from new mexico, a 3pm meeting, and i'm home free. sounds so simple and yet there are so many variables and unknowns.

this has now become a typical friday. a calendar full of tics, and a laundry list of questions. but in all this, once in a while, i get to actually see a shift in someone's demeanor. sometimes, not every friday, glitter and glamour happens. someone we work with expands the idea of what is possible in their own life, or they let go of self-judgement for a short while. and sometimes, forgiveness and love plant their seeds within the heart of someone who is struggling.

i am not sure what today will bring. i carry hope. not that all these things will happen today, but hope that the groundwork for their possibility will be done. i have come to believe that i need to try to always be ready. this is a good portion of the work.

in my quest to discover the "back to mine" series, today's sound choice is from the mj cole collection. this is a garage classic that is quintessential chill. here is "believe" by goldie and remixed by mj cole..


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Sheria said...

I like that statement, "I carry hope." I have this image of you with a bucket filled to the brim with hope and you provide a sip from it to everyone that you pass.
Thank you, I was thirsty.

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