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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Insufficient light is the most common cause of failure to re-bloom your orchid. Leaf color indicates if the amount of light is adequate. The lus, rich, dark green of most houseplants is not desirable in orchid leaves. A grassy green color (light or medium green with yellowish tones) means the plant is receiving sufficient light to bloom.

i am just thrilled. i have been trying to get several orchid plants to rebloom, but have never had any luck. however, i kept one on my kitchen window sill and set the pot inside another pot, fed it with bioalgae, and lo and behold, i noticed two weeks ago that there were 3 stems of blooms that were forming. the leaves took on a yellowish tinge from the abundance of water i would imagine, but the blooms are the most vivid lavender and i feel as if progress has been made. i thought i would share the link to the American Orchid Society to refer any questions, as this is really not an area of expertise for me..

Similarly, the legislation for the Wellstone and Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act of 2008. No doubt it will change the way that persons with insurance (and medicare) will be able to access mh and sa services. and it also speaks to the patience required with orchids. they  take what seems an unreasonable amount of time to bloom again, but with patience and vigilence, they will.

wellstone domenici mental health parity and addiction

today's sound choice is the white stripes with "blue orchid"



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