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Sunday, January 31, 2010

love addiction

It's a rush
I can't explain
Like you shot
Something crazy
Into my veins
And I'm ten feet
Off the ground
And I don't want
To come down
Don't want
To come down
I know
You're sleeping
I wish you
Were right here
'Cause my bed's so empty
I'd hold you so close dear
And I sang my song to you
Your smile was priceless
What else can I do?
I'm a junkie over you

forgive me please and indulge me yet again, but today's post is part of a short valentine's series and this one is really about a performance from sxsw 2008 that i found while perusing youtube. it's ferras with katy perry doing rush.. i honestly think several of the regular readers will enjoy this.. kiss kiss on sunday morning. i think the lyrics and the music are intoxicating and i think the sentiment is universal to addiction.



1 comment:

Java said...

Love like that is intoxicating like nothing else.

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