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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

little fluffy clouds

today, i thought i would share the sampling of one year of updates on facebook. i think it's an interesting barometer for where my head has been this last 365. for some odd reason. it reads as fairly normal to me which is far from how i have seen myself most of my life. january seems to be a time of shifting for me. this is the time of year that i started this blog and it seems fitting i review at the same time of year. additionally this friday is a full moon, and astrologers are stating that it's not just any ordinary one. it's could really be a doozy...  here's what is said at in-harmony..

as you can see this full moon is one for the books! but considering all the intense astrological energy that has percolating in the heavens it seems par for the course of late, no? full moons are illuminations of the unconscious, times where revelations can be had. what reveals itself can be shocking, but it can also be liberating. and the sabian symbol that the sun falls on in this sun/moon opposition chart symbolizes this beautifully. the sabian symbol for 11 aquarius is 'during a silent hour, a man receives new inspiration which may change his life.' this full moon could change your life! but you have to allow those changes in ;) take time to go within, be silent, and listen for inspiration. read the rest at in-harmony astrology
today's sound choice is a classic example of trance. there are as many remixes of this song as there are words in my cloud. i remember listening to it on many occasions, at home, at parties, in clubs, and on the radio. it was a fairly big "hit". here is "little fluffy clouds" by the orb.. i still love listening to it and drinking in its light-heartedness.



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