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Saturday, February 6, 2010

party monster

the following is an excerpt from the SA literature..sexaholics anonymous. it sounds reminiscent of most addictions including food, video games, and porn sites. obsession is obsession. and obsession blots out the pleasure of anything. hell- if all these things weren't pleasurable, we never would have started. it feels good but obsession becomes the party monster. it kills any party.

it begins with an overpowering desire for a high, relief, pleasure, or escape.

it provides satisfaction.

it is sought repeatedly and compulsively.

it then takes on a life of its own.

it becomes excessive.

satisfaction diminishes.

distress is produced.

emotional control decreases.

ability to relate deteriorates.

ability for daily living is disrupted.

denial becomes necessary.

it takes priority over everything else.

it beomes the main coping mechanism.

the coping mechanism stops working.

the party is over.

today's sound choice is "money, success, fame, glamour" from the film "party monster". i love the lyrics...all 10 of them.. repeating over and over... it's an obsession.

We are the age,
in which the pursuit of all values
other than
money, success, fame, glamour
have either been discredited or destroyed.
money, success, fame, glamour,
for we are living in the age of the thing.
money, success, fame, glamour...

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