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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

derby dolls


when i saw him, i was taken aback. i am sure my jaw was even a little askew. i know my head was. the last time i saw him he was so put together. he had the smartest  herringbone wool overcoat on top of a blue and white sweater that was reminiscent of a french sailor uniform. he had blue wool slacks that completed the ensemble and his piercing blue eyes complemented the whole look. his skin was smooth, and peach colored, and flawless. his jaw set the tone for a more-than-striking that time in his life he was 35 or so. and his "together" seemed to be starting to fray.

fast forward to the other day when i ran into him and was jolted. after 3 more years of a steady diet of crystal, booze, and whatever else he could manage, the veneer that i had known before had cracked. he remembered me, but not my name. and he didn't really remember from where. he  lost a couple of front teeth. he had swollen as a sprained ankle or wrist swells. his face was puffy and his speech was slurred. and he was speaking very quickly and sing-songish, almost like he was spewing his racing thoughts as limericks. except they didn't necessarily rhyme nor seem to have a beginning or an end. they were songs that seemed out of place here in the street but would be more at home in an aviary. but the words just kept coming. and there i sat trying to stay grounded as he described becoming homeless and then in the next breath talked about getting his real estate license and selling million dollar homes.

this was my half hour with crazy daisy,  another veteran of the biggest meth roller derby team. a dedicated and hard-core player no doubt, at least i know he's not the captain. no-he's simply another member of the league.

today's sound choice is from the soundtrack of whip it. here the breeders with "bang on"

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1 comment:

Tommie said...

Ok..try this again..what I said the first time was this..
Your posts can often take me to the place you are writing about. I could feel what it would be like standing there (pictured an ex of my own) and I just loved it.
Thank you.

The song made me giggle a little soon

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