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Thursday, March 11, 2010

mark lundholm at the improv

Mark Lundholm is a comedian and a fellow in recovery. He will be performing at the Improv Denver March 25-28. On March 29th he will performing a special show that is recovery based humor and there will be no alchohol served. For booking information you can contact or call 303-307-1777. Maybe we  will see you there.

Mark Lundholm

Clean and sober since 1988, Mark Lundholm is a former criminal,mental patient, homeless wino, resident in a halfway house who started poking fun at the insanity his life had become. This process continued and gained momentum, and in a short time an incredibly talented and

energetic entertainer emerged. Beginning with a successful standup comedy career through 50 states and 10 foreign countries, this comic’s “drank there, used that” style of humor is now so much more than a
comedy show and beyond a typical conference presentation.The performance given by Mark Lundholm in a thought-provoking journey through a man’s decline and his subsequent ascension. Mark details his battles with addiction in a clever manner that is sometimes

shocking, often heartwarming, and unceasingly honest. This is a fast paced PG rated show that never fails to leave audiences thinking differently about themselves and their loved ones. The critics have been very favorably impressed. The New York Times said, “Mr. Lundholm’s

acerbic powers of observation are quite dark and funny”, and The Chicago Sun-Times reported, “Lundholm is a terrific performer—aggressive, funny and charming.”

Lundholm has had his own Showtime Comedy Special, appeared on Comedy Central and written and starred in three one man shows. The most notable is a fiercely funny and severely dysfunctional stage play about chances and choices called Addicted…a comedy of substance.

After playing an extended run off-Broadway and receiving great reviews from The Post, The New York Times and The Associated Press, Addicted was voted into the top position as the most highly recommended show in New York City by The Wall Street Journal’s Zagat Theatre Survey.

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