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Sunday, April 4, 2010

holiday treat

today i ran across one of those treats one finds on an easter hunt, although this one was inadvertent. i have struggled in sobriety with the realization that i am not as adept at handling life as i might like. i am often childish, over-emotional, reactionary, and often angry. this is especially disturbing to me as i would like to think that i am choosing to live a spiritual life and with that comes serenity, maturity, and peace. however, the volatility of my day to day life reveals that i am quite a distance from my desired location and i have much road left to travel. but knowing that i have found this delicious treat today helps me believe again in the magic of the universe and the possibilities in life. in typical buddhist fashion, the solution to a dilemna is a question, because the answer most likely does lie inside us. happy easter

the following is a repost from maitri matters

Anger vs. Patience

Think of anger. Anger is the mind that wishes to harm and hurt. Patience is the mind that holds back from harming or hurting. Anger is most difficult to deal with; patience is most difficult to develop. Patience is the only thing that defeats anger.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t do it right away. Even after years of practice you may find that you’re still losing your temper. It’s all right. But you will also notice that the power of anger has weakened, that it doesn’t last as long, and does not as easily turn into hatred.

If patience comes easily to you, wonderful. If not, how do you go from anger to patience?

- Gelek Rimpoche, from "The Real Enemy" (Winter 2001)

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