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Sunday, May 16, 2010

12 Stupid Things

no.3) pursuing recovery with less energy than pursuing addiction.

this seems a no-brainer, but it is really one of the things that brings many a seeker to their knees. somehow, we expect that since we have chosen to live in the light again, that all our efforts will be invincible. but addiction is more than just non-alchoholic wishes and caviar dreams.  it is a frothy and stiff melange of chemical imbalance, ingrained habit, and emotions run amok. the journey takes willpower, and dedication, and clarity of purpose in order to get through the tumult that is the road to recovery. if we want it, we gotta fight for it. and in the beginning years, we have fight and fight hard every day.

i loves me some vsq... hear (ha!) they are with a version of "call me when you're sober"

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