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Monday, January 28, 2008

brand new day

brunch at hamburger mary's ( i don't know where marc and lannie are)

bryan and portia potty

that's me in the middle.

i am completely thrilled with the road my life took this last weekend. it has been a complete departure from the norm and has offered me a fresh perspective and new drive. i would highly recommend throwing a party for a hundred or so people and getting out of your own head. it works wonders.

i got a chance to see people i haven't seen in awhile, as well as many people i have never seen before. and i am changed forever i think. the guest count at UB2 was 104 and it was a night full of really good energy. we played an icebreaker, we told jokes, we introduced guys who didn't know each other to each other, lannie sang and told stories about her career beginnings at a gay bar in denver.

bryan levinson has really made space for this change to move into my life. his not-for-profit endeavor (strength in numbers) has given me the space to grow in a way i didn't even know i was needing. thank you bryan.

and marc olmsted makes me laugh and opens my heart. it is a joy to know that he was able to connect with a friend he hasn't seen in years through this event. and with his help, much of what made this event seem magical was able to come into being. i totally love you marc.

now i have heard talk from colleagues that this sort of event should continue. i heard many kudos, which were lovely and welcome and easy on the ears. however i know that without bryan, marc, lannie, anthony, and bob, this change might not be awaking in me and in denver this morning.

here's a link for more photos: flickr


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DirtyBitchSociety said...

You've been Tagged

Now, if I was you, I'd say, "Go straight to hell Babz, until you do my MeMe." I'll do yours next darlin, I'd not forgotten about yours at all. There's a method to my madness, I've just not quite figured it out yet, lol! Have an excellent week, Sweets!

Marc said...

It was indeed, a magical weekend.

Thank YOU Rod, the sine qua non of it all.

I'm back home and my dog is VERY HAPPY.

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