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Monday, February 11, 2008

this is for london

so last night i sat through quite a bit of the grammy awards, really waiting and hoping to see amy winehouse's performance. i did get to see it. and, for me, it was worth waiting for. i actually like her. i think she is an artist and i think she tough and she talented and she's her own. i think gay men probably like her because she's such an underdog and she crosses boundaries. we have a tendency to relate to such things and admire them.

but it was sooooo worth it to see her win the award for record of the year. her reaction was so spontaneous, so visceral, and so charming, i decided to post about it right then.

way to go amy. way to go. you deserve accolades in my eyes. i think you are a fresh voice. i just hope you can put the crazy stick down.

of course she won for her song "rehab". but i'm posting a lesser known song of hers that i have come to love "valerie" (thank you reuben) and i hope you enjoy it too.

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