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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

he's so fine

forgive me for being a bit high school boyish, but tatum channing is sooooo fine. i thought i'd share some things i've learned about him.

1)here is a link to his unofficial #1 fan.... unwrapped (yikes)

2)here is a vid from a film i saw on cable. i love the song and i absolutely love the way he moves. psssst... if you like what you see, click on the final showcase scene offered in the menu bar- lotsa fun and pretty fine, too!

3)here is a trailer from a film called "stop-loss" that he is in with ryan phillipe that actually might be worth a visit. viva l'amerique!


Anonymous said...

I've never even heard of him! But, I like what I see!

Sheria said...

I love this entry for the sheer exuberance of it! Had to repeat the video. Watched it the first time, danced to it the second!

Marc said...

Forgive you for posting pictures of hot men and distracting me? NEVER!
(Suggestion for next visual. Rudy Reyes, marine hero)

Anonymous said...

Channing Tatum Unwrapped is actually Channing's official site.

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