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Thursday, December 18, 2008

on the 6th day

"In this freedom quest, we are always given three choices. A rebellious refusal to work upon our glaring defects can be a ticket to destruction. Or, for a time, we can stay sober with a minimum of self-improvement and settle ourselves into a comfortable but often dangerous mediocrity. Or we can continuously try hard for those sterling qualities which can add up to greatness of spirit and action - true and lasting freedom under God, the freedom to find and do His will.”

on the 6th day of christmas, my true love gave to me a 6foot 1 inch vessel to carry me back to safety after the avalanche. it was weatherproofed, waxed, cleaned, and ready. it was meant to deliver me safely back home, wherever that may be. and any excess weight or unnecessary items were to be left behind or unlodged on my way.

i guess i'm ready. no, i'm sure i'm ready. can't turn back now....what i don't need will be confiscated...guaranteed to be the ride of a lifetime


blast off!!!

"captain- i think we're too heavy to sustain liftoff.
we'll need to dump some fuel!!!"

“I was always taught to prepare for the journey through life, never realizing until I came to AA - when I honestly became willing to be taught forgiveness and forgiving - that life itself is the journey. The journey of life is a very happy one, as long as I am willing to accept change and responsibility.”

on the 6th day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
a 6 foot carriage to safety
a 5 alarm avalanche
a brand new self portrait, a new way to see "me" in 4 dimensions
a decision in 3 parts- i can't, god can, i think i'll let her
a 2nd chance
an opportunity to learn to listen and be heard

today's sound choice is an english version of peter schilling's "major tom"


1 comment:

Sheria said...

I like the way you communicate through the effective use of metaphor. I have tp leave on step six but I look forward to catching up on another day. You've made me look inward and that's good.

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