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Thursday, April 30, 2009


quite a day. today was quite something. i started working out once again. cardio mostly. 3 1/2 miles around the park. it left me energized, but with vaguely aching thighs.

today was dining out for life which benefits angel heart. my workmates and i went to parallel 17 and had some really yummy vietnamese nibbles. they coulda rolled me out. i had poached pear with ginger for dessert. i wish i could type aaaahhhhh and make it as dramatic as it was on the palate.

then went back to the office. in walked a client i hadn't seen in a coupla years. definitely did my heart some good.

then went to planning council leadership meeting. we have been looking at reallocation of surplus (yes virginia, i typed surplus) funds. i had decided a couple of days ago to advocate for re-entry population services. others, of course, had other ideas. came to some consensus, though. and i am glad i spoke up.

few of these things may seem connected, but they are. they all happened in one day to one person. and they all contributed to the final draft of a day in the life of a thankful guy in recovery.

today's sound choice is a remix of blue six's tropicalia from cosmic lounge.


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