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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

state of mind

In life, there's many things that we have to learn to let go. We have to let go of situations, things, memories, people and even ourselves.

a theme is definitely emerging in my daily landscape and that might very well be "letting go". all the things i think i know somehow seem to be simply things i know and not truths. i am reminded often that the world is much larger than my limited perspective and perhaps i might try something called reserve or "wait and see".

for an impulsive person like me, the idea of waiting to see what may happen before coming to a conclusion seems almost counter-intuitive. my whole lifetime is pretty much based upon leaping before i look and jumping head first.

but these days, i find myself in a completely different state of mind. i am consistently reminded that i cannot see the whole picture. that if i pause, more will be revealed, and that i will most likely change my mind, so delaying a decision might not be completely lame. mind you, these are not emergency situations i am talking about here.

yesterday in a session, many of the participants were dealing with highly volatile emotional reactions they had from exchanges with another person. they were allowing their own balance to be disrupted by the activities of another. initially, i was reminded of myself, but then i remembered that i am actively learning to let others be as they are without upsetting my own equilibrium. that it's not necessary to be involved with others' drama. they can have their crazy and i will stay grounded where i am.

doesn't this sound delicious? i only pray this state of mind stays with me.

today's sound choice is a triple treat of shirley bassey with "new york state of mind" and a couple of other ballads.



Mark said...

You can't have your crazy and eat it too.

Sheria said...

Thank you. I need to remember to take a wait and see attitude in my own life. especially now. Thanks also for the Shirley Bassey. New York State of Mind is one of my favorite songs to sing in the shower and I love her rendition of it.

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