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Saturday, August 8, 2009

steppin out

The mist across the window hides the lines
But nothing hides the colour of the lights that shine
Electricity so fine
Look and dry your eyes
So tired of all the darkness in our lives
With no more angry words to say
Can come alive
Get into a car and drive
To the other side...

i find that my oeuvre is changing, maybe cracking slightly. i have been working diligently on getting assimilated to a new workplace, getting my classes finished for my next certification, getting my house to feel more like a home, honing the counseling skills i have, and becoming debt free.

mine is a truly a lovely spot to be, considering that just 7 short years ago, the snapshot of my life was very much darker, way out of focus, and littered with poverty, depravity, insanity, and hella mood swings and desperation.

of course, this is every addicts story. or so i am told. but the real tale here in my eyes, is the complete reversal of fortune that is possible with the surrender to a shift in perception. and this is a plot line that is easy to love. redemption, renewal, and recovery. these are gifts of the magi.

this is the part of the adventure that is most compelling to me now. life has indeed expanded boundaries to perimeters grander than i was able to imagine myself. this is my experience now. and what a life it is.

i am headed to breckenridge to hear the speaker at the 2009 rocky mountain round up. this year the saturday night speaker is leslie j and i have heard his story before. it's gregarious and gritty and thoroughly entertaining, full of wisdom and hope. and that's the kind of playbill that is worth stepping out once in awhile for me. plus i get to hang with my buddy alex for a night- another rare and worthwhile adventure.

hava funtastic weekend!

today's sound choice is vintage joe jackson's "steppin out" oh, and i know that the pic is not the album that was home to this song, but i still think this is one of my favorite album jackets of the 80's...


1 comment:

Mark said...

Oh Leslie J, I know him well. You're in for a treat.

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