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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


it has come to my attention that i am not always in the right. i am inconsiderate at times. i am willful. i am headstrong. i make mistakes. i get things done. i am opinionated. i take charge. i am independent. i try too hard sometimes. i take things personally. i am shortsighted. i look too far into the future. i don't consider everyone. i don't like being challenged. i will walk away before i back down. i give up too easily sometimes.

just a few monday insights... thank you universe for the opportunity to clean i just have to do some work.

today's sound choice is house to house with rushing to paradise. (couldn't resist the title) this cut may need a little volume.



Sheria said...

Clever song choice...the title made me smile.

At first, I thought that you were cleaning my house but then I got to the line, "I give up too easily sometimes." I never seem to know when it's time to give up and walk away. However, the world can only stand so much perfection so we have to have our flaws.;-)

Mark said...

Never mind all that, wasn't Tony Danza HOT?

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