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Sunday, October 25, 2009

traveller by train

The day and then the night have gone, it was not long before the dawn,

And the travelling man who sat so stiffly in his chair began to yawn.

Having kept me here so long my friend, I hope you have a sleeping place to lend,

but the painter he just smiled and said: I'll see you in a while, this one has no end.
Sandy Denny ..... No End

so i see another week hustle by. it has been remarkable and it has sped by in what seems like a flash. i have finished some projects at work which has given satisfaction, and i have begun a couple of new ones as well. and on this day of rest, i doubt that is exactly what i'll do. i will, however, pay attention to a different part of my heart.

i have to weed the front and trim the hedges before winter ensues, and i purchased bulbs to plant to make ready for the spring. we put 4 trees in the back yard and i hope this will compliment the new park-like feel we are going for.

i also need to move my patio furniture into storage so they don't just sit and deteriorate in the winter months. my grill has not been working the last two times i tried to start it up, so i want to see about this as well. even in the winter months in colorado, it is quite easy to grill outdoors-the food seems tastier and it leaves much less to clean up.

i went to dinner with a friend last evening and i realized how much inner work i have to do. she struggles with her own issues and as we talked about where we are in our lives, it dawns on me that this idea of emotional sobriety is a destination on my journey. not sure if i'll ever make it, but i definitely am determined to point my sites in that direction.

i begin work with a group in 2 weeks. naturally there has been a shift in naming it, but i am rolling down the tracks. the group shall be referred to as "The Stonewall Huddle" and will happen of friday afternoons. i am actually nervous about the unknowns, but also realize there is no turning back.. so the clickity clack of the wheels on the track are a sound i am getting used to.

a very good friend's mother passed away friday night. he sent me a text yesterday to let me know. i felt helpless, as i had not met her and i was not sure how to offer him support. i simply sent a text asking if he wanted to talk to which he responded "maybe later". i then let him know i loved him.

these, of course, are glimpses of my life. i guess i'm a bit jumbled this morning. or maybe melancholy. my friend and i went to dinner w/ the air foundation and listened to recovering addicts talk about the transformation of their lives through the training for and participation in long distance marathons. when the whole group of runners and volunteers working with them were asked to stand at the beginning of the festivities, both my friend and i got teary. it was so evident they are doing the work.

today's sound choice is on to a new week of chill. this particular choice is two cuts, both striking, however the second song by sandy denny is "no end" . the total track time is about 10  minutes- an eon in online time, but i thinks it's worth the investment.  each time i hear this song, i can feel my heart opening a tad. it has such a tender quality. the cd is a "back to mine" compilation by the guillemots. it has an esther phillips cut which i loved, a lovely morsel by the supremes, and a nice selection of downtempo hip-hop.


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