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Saturday, October 10, 2009

where the streets have no name

I want to feel, sunlight on my face
See that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I want to take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name

i guess i have never really addressed the screenname "warrior scout" which i blog under. it came to be rather naturally, but it has never been anything specifically referencing something. i have always been a scout of sorts, running ahead of the pack as well as exploring outside the boundaries. i think this still is part of my basic skill set. i usually find myself in a position to mix it up with many different types and circles of people, so maybe i somehow get more of a global view on some issues. and curiosity is second nature, so that goes hand in hand with the scout portion of the name. and when my life was immersed in drinking and using, internally i was always seeking something that remained just out of my reach. adding scout to this incarnation offered an opportunity to rework that personality defect and hopefully mold it into something far healthier.

the term warrior in the name is directly related to the spiritual warrior concept. i have always been trying to find ways to grow spiritually and follow the paths that speak to my heart. this is not uncommonly in opposition to those around me, so some exhange of ideas and questioning of perspectives and policies is somehow part of my makeup.

i have been writing with the pen name of warrior scout for almost 3 years now. it is serving me well and has seen me through some quantifiable spiritual growth. i certainly hope it continues to do so.

i will be starting an lgbt recovery support group that is to take place on friday afternoons. i am currently brainstorming for a name for the group. i want it to be identifiable as a gay group and i want it to convey that support for people in pre-contemplation, contemplation, maintenance, and all the rest of the stages of change can get support for where they are in their process. initially it will be designed for hiv poz and non- poz persons. i think from a community health standpoint, separation may not always be optimum. and i want it to be fun, effective, and informative. not asking for much, eh? and i hope to have members of the community who have successfully changed their habits come by and offer support on a regular basis.

i have put a request out for names, and have gotten some wonderful ideas back. tgif was my favorite so far. after all, making good choice on the weekends keeps us working and in school during the week. i also thought about "prime" because it is a primer group- geared to assist in putting down a good primer so that the first coat will adhere much better. and i thought of "q" or "the friday q" because queers, questions, queries, and quandries will no doubt be addressed.

i thought i'd put it out here, because i love my readers and their perspectives. let me know what you think... please...

today's sound choice probably needs no introduction. it holds much personal attachment for me. i love the lyrics and i absolutely love when bono wails on this one. (btw, 7th and main is pretty damn close to where i ended my california drug run 9 months after this vid was filmed). it's "where the streets have no name" by u2....



absolutwillie said...

"tgif" sounds awesome - though i think "the friday q" has more merit ;0)

the other cj said...

Wilde Warriors :)

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