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Friday, April 2, 2010


I am a glorious child of God. I am joyful, serene, positive, and loving.
Marianne Williamson
there is an interesting new development in my world. i will be shifting job duties and have more direct service responsibility with counseling. this shift has been plaguing me really since before the december holiday. now that it is here, i am wondering about any further shifts. i am reporting that i have been very flawed in my managing my concerns.

having been obsessing really about whether a specific change would come to be has been my monster shadowing my sleep and infiltrating my days these 4 months. funny how leading a life with trust and fear can be so much easier to visualize than it can be to doubt this is "progress, not perfection" exemplified.  but i have made it through to the next round and i and will be shortly on my way to the next adventure.

this concept of serenity certainly must be a kinetic condition. never have i been able to remain peaceful without interruption. this used to worry me - and probably still does from time to time. but as i grow i realize that peace and serenity is the harbor i can always come home to. i simply must reconnect with faith that safe harbor is there. certainly this is how serenity presents itself into my world sometimes... so i will partake in a cuppa while we have crossed paths.

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