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Saturday, May 8, 2010

the science of addiction and recovery

I gotta feel you in my bones again,
I'm all over you.
I'm not over you.
I wanna taste you one more time again,
I'm all over you.
I'm not over you.
This life is way too short
to get caught up and all mixed up
when I just want you to love me back,
why can't you just love me back?

i am off to CEDARs to attend a 6 hour workshop on "the science of addicton and recovery" which is sponsored by Faces and Voices of Recovery and Advocates For Recovery. below is the description of the training from the FAVOR website. it's a "train the trainer" curriculum, so my intention is to learn to help develop a module to deliver to others and expand the understanding of the importance and the miracle (and some nuts and bolts) of recovery and how they work. it seems that so many people don't know much beyond the frustrating (and painful) parts and would rather not discuss it.

last night i picked up Flo Hilliard who will be delivering the training today. the skies and sunset were spectacular as drove her from the DIA circus tent to her hotel. it was almost as if we were watching some computer-generated cinematogrophy unfold. part of me wondered if this was an overview of the activity we would be engaging in with her. ps- my photo captures only a fraction of the grandeur that dominated last evening's sky.

have a fantastic weekend..!!

from Faces And Voices Of Recovery

About the Training

The Science of Addiction and Recovery is a 6 six-hour “train the trainer” training for people in long-term recovery, their families, friends and allies.
6 Professional Development Hours are available for this training!

Join us for this training to:
Learn about the science of addiction and recovery
Practice teaching others what you have learned
Sharpen your skills as a recovery communicator, then take home new tools that you can use with your family, friends and community
You will receive three hours of education on the science of addiction and recovery in very easy to understand language and three hours of training on how to deliver the information to others.

An important part of this event is learning how to deliver this training in your community. We encourage you to come in pairs so that you have a buddy to conduct trainings with in the future. If you are not able to sign up with a buddy we will be happy to match you up with someone during the training. There is a space available on the registration form to tell us who you would like to pair up with.

Science of Addiction and Recovery Trainer:
Florence (Flo) Hilliard

love, love, love this version...

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