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Sunday, September 4, 2011

CLOCK DVA 4 Hours 1981

image credit... alex ibsen 

This is a visual and aural slice of my 80's. The saturated color, the frenetic funmaking, the odd pairings, camp and macabre- sometimes when i look back, i smile. sometimes i wince. mostly, i remember the music. it soothed me and cajoled me and carried me to the next round.

This midmorning awakening

This bleak whiteness, nothingness

The eye that stares through your mirror

A suction entanglement

On stained sheets

Figures with no regrets

Their doubts caste a shadow here

The time drifts

The time swells

The skies melt

In my dream I am older

Everything is soft out of focus

There's this sound which disturbs me

A clarinet plays in the distance

Everything turns black and white

I must go to work

I know where it is

I've been there before

I'll go there this time

They will not have to force me

I'll go there willingly

I'll go there today

This could be New York

This could be London

I don't care anymore

I'm wearing this suit

A black suit

I'm wearing this time

A black tie

I'm carrying this case

A black case

I walk down the street

The people are staring

The taxi cab is slower

A piano falls from above

It smashes in front of me

I fall to the floor

I open this door

I'm back in my room

I see two people asleep

This midmorning awakening

This bleak grey whiteness, nothingness

The eye that stares through your mirror

I see two figures asleep

They look older

You look Older

We're all older

Let us join them in their dreams

We're only four hours

We're only four moments

We're only here too long

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