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Thursday, February 28, 2008

pink eye

as a fantastic follow up to my scratched cornea, i have developed a very pink and wondrous swelling and redness around that same eye. it is irritating, painful, and in my mind has become gargantuan and hideous. i will succumb and call the doctor today. i still hold my old school ideals that i don't need a doctor for anything, even though i take prescription medication on a twice daily basis.

when i first tested positive for hiv in the mid-eighties, i became a devout follower of louise hay as she presented the only visible hope against the aids virus. i developed a very strong sense of my own beliefs and actions creating my illnesses and my wellness. there is a fantastic book entitled "you can heal your life" which speaks directly to many, many illnesses and the proposed psychological basis for them.

this philosophy, i believe, helped save my life. at a time when there was no hope, and i felt completely without emotional grounding, reading and following the practices laid out in this book sincerely helped me gain footing and a small sense of control and participation in my own life. i will always be grateful to her.

pink eye- here is the "pagan" or metaphysical guide to this malady.
Pink Eye
Anger and frustration at someone/something. Not wanting to see.

my overall point here; there is a complete and distinct truth to this particular possibility in my life right now. i am working on releasing my frustration and resentment about it. but it's a process. perhaps "lady pinkeye" is a part of that process.

i will also include a link for you to peruse other illnesses and infections with their explanations according to this type of philosophy. i think it is "the bomb" to read it when something is flaring on me or in me. it always changes my perspective and perception slightly..

pagans guide


Marc said...

See if my pretty cards cure you with their beauty! They should be in your mailbox when you get home!

Java said...

Ugh. Was that picture absolutely necessary?
Interestingly enough, my 10 yr old daughter has pink eye and tonsilitis right now. She was at the doctor's office yesterday and is on meds now and feeling better. Hope you are feeling better now, too.
Fascinating site, that Pagan's Guide. There seems to be a touch of truth in most of the connections, I think.

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