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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

no ordinary morning

image credit: jean kent waddington

just feelin a little happy today. don't know why. don't have to. just know i am happy to be on the road i'm travelin' today.

here are 2 thoughts that may or may not be of use to:

"Good morning,
This is God.
I will be handling
All of your
Problems today.

I will not need
Your help, so have
A miraculous day."

and this vid expresses the other thought i have come to believe in:
(my translation: things are rarely just as they seem)


Marc said...

Sometimes you just make no sense. And yes I saw that video until the end, and it's STILL overwhelming dark, dark, dark, rather at odds with "top o the morning to you."

Well you get points for being unpredictable and orginal.

Java said...

That video is more than strange. I don't know what more, but definitely more. Or less. But the music is nice.

And I like the message from God.
Glad you are having a good day. Enjoy it! Soak it in!

absolutwillie said...

I think I get it :0)
Sometimes you don't see the light till it stops you... but it's always there.

Interpretation and opinion - no two persons' are alike.

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