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Monday, March 17, 2008


i found this vid on international carnival of pozitivities. it's quite a perspective. it certainly is not my perspective, but i can truly appreciate it. i believe that blaming someone who has tested positive is counterintuitive. and i think trying to use blame as a prevention is short-lived and separates community and sends some folks into isolation.


Ron Hudson said...

Interesting perspective...I remember hoping that everyone would realize that the voice of the video is that of the AIDS virus itself. Still, I included this post for its controversial approach, hoping that it would spur conversation. Thanks for posting here.


Alzmek said...

I am the author of the book ALZMEK: The Fictional Memoir of a Tainted Life (Starbooks Press April 2008) who created this charachter "Sebastian Alzmek". My goal for the book and the videos are to show that anyone could get HIV. That HIV is 100% preventable and you should protect yourself. That there are scary individuals who purposly infect people, if they did not exsist, AIDS would have been abolished by now. It is to inform our youth and to encourage people with HIV to disclose their status. Sebastian Alzmek did not isolate himslef, only after being rejected by societies stigma did he fight back. The book shows a variety of scenarios regarding HIV, from rejection to acceptance, married, gay, straight and teens. I encourage all to read the book and not judge the book (or video) by its cover. Thank you Ron, I appreciate your positive comments! RM Guzman

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