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Saturday, December 27, 2008


A letter always seemed to me like immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend. ~Emily Dickinson

as is the new custom, i have written an annual holiday update to let friends and family have a glimpse into my life. since my regular readers have become a family of sorts to me, i thought it appropriate to share that here.

December 14 2008
Treasured Friends and Family-

Wow! What a year…. I can hardly believe that only one year has passed, though. So much seems to have happened. There were both exhilarating and stressful steps taken in my professional life. I have become certified as an addiction counselor and was instrumental in the development of a local program for meth users. It is operating today, although I have moved on to greener pastures.

I have really started to experience some of the beauty that Colorado’s mountains have to offer and developed a love for hiking. Rocky Mountain National Park is amazing and I encourage all of you to picnic or hike in the throes of it when you have an opportunity.

I visited D.C. for a conference in August which may evolve into something life-changing. I serve as co-chair on a committee which directs Ryan White funds for the City of Denver. As a result of this visit, our committee is bringing peer-led healthcare self-management training to our city and state. This concept is shown to have a remarkable impact on the ability of newly diagnosed people to adhere to medical treatment and transition to a healthy lifestyle.

I was thrilled to once again see so many family members for a reunion picnic in City Park this summer. If you were able to attend, thank you.. And if not, I hope to see you soon. It was a perfect summer day. Everyone looked happy and I think the kids had a blast taking advantage of our location next to a playground and a duckpond. I honestly never expected to see 50, so this was especially emotional for me. And it was especially nice to see both Laura and Dana once again. Laura always brings a smile to my heart. And I can’t remember Paul having such a glow coming from within.
Cousin Rick and I have begun a project working with other folks and it has had a very encouraging start. And another adventure which could affect the lives of a large number of people has presented itself to us and it looks like we may jump in. We’ll keep you posted.

Mom is doing very well. She has dialed down her pace and seems quite happy in her little home “on the farm”. She has been corresponding with Julie regularly and keeps tabs on Jace. He is growing, just as it should be.

My good friend Blue came out from Chicago in November, along with friends Vic and Andrew from London, and we had a weekend which consisted of an evening of Verdi, an afternoon in Vail, and an 22nd anniversary celebration at Rioja. This was a highlight of my autumn.

As far as what the New Year may have in store, of course it’s all a roll of the dice. But I wish happiness, good health, and a miracle or two (at least).
Blessings and Hope

Rod Rushing

today's sound choice is panic! at the disco doing "i write sins, not tragedies"


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