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Sunday, December 28, 2008


like waves to the shore
part of the ocean
the stars high above
part of the sky

now i drift to you
i dream of a river
a water so blue
wish i could live there

wish you were here..

this year i received a huge gift. it was the fruition of some work combined with some hope, and i know it came to be. i have felt that my holiday is complete and that i don't really need any physical gifts, as i have received a most amazing thing already.

i feel like that still. i wouldn't change a thing with how this season has transpired. i am reminded that if i remain open, there will always be an occurrence around to keep my ego at a regular size. i will most likely always have in mind to be of service to others. and i will always have something to remind me that i can do better and i can look at life differently.

i do have a wish, however. and it is for myself. and i am putting it out here, because that is one of the perks of scribing a blog. it can be used for my own agenda.

so here goes... i wish that i will find peace of mind. i want for the painful self-examination and judgement that happens within me would subside a bit. i hope that i can have downtime in my life without slipping into a debbie downer (phrase borrowed from steve) when i am not completely busy or multi-tasking, i.e. in a slightly manic state.

while i am at it, i would wish that the barriers i put up to protect my heart would dissolve effortlessly and let love in.

and if this sounds like any of you dear readers, then i certainly share this wish with you.

today's sound choice is bliss doing "wish you were here"



Marc said...

Is there anything than any of us ever wish but serenity?

anythingbutsad said...

Yeah, I can relate. It'll happen....

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