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Friday, December 26, 2008

launder my kharma

Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process.
Sai Baba

i went to the mountains for a couple of days to spend the holiday with family. it was quite beautiful really. i spent most of my time there either cooking (i made some killer potatoes au gratin with smoked gouda) or contemplating my take on the events of the last week.

it has become clear to me that i am in flux. that change is inevitable, and that i need to make sure i am available for it and have made room in my life to let it in. this shall be my new process. i am going to incorporate letting the change that needs to happen find its way into my life and make itself comfortable.

how this is to happen, i am not completely sure. but i am going to believe that it will, consciously make room for it to take place, and look at new options that i have been perhaps afraid to do so previously.

on a sillier note, we always have an xmas night drive in the towns near where my relatives live and look at the christmas lights and decorations. and we always have a best and a worst. of course, it's usually more fun to look for the worst. last night, we came across a small house which had a very brown and crumpled looking tree in the window. it had no lights and no decrations on it at all. it was lit from behind as the ceiling light in the house was on. there was a cowskin and a cowskull hanging on the living room wall, vividly lit, and then this sad craggy looking brown tree sort of twisted in the picture window. it looked as if it had been pulled from a box, but never straightened out. we had fun making up stories as to why the tree was up, but not touched or lit. it left me sad, thinking that someone's holiday was perhaps usurped by something perhaps tragic or monumental.

We got two more minutes and
We gonna cut to what you need
So one of six so tell me
One do you want to live
And one of seven tell me
Is it time for your muthafuckin ass to give
Tell me is it time to get down on your muthafuckin knees
Tell me is it time to get down

today's sound "choice is battleflag" by lofidelity allstars.


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Java said...

Making room for changes is always a good idea. Changes are going to come. It's much better to work them into your life than to fight them. Remember your serenity prayer as you incorporate the changes, and choose wisely what to embrace. Good luck!

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