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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

funk train

we are preparing to start work on a website for our programs. i guess we will launch it as ten- treatment education network. when i was describing the layout to the designer, i was a little surprised to see what we have pulled together. the splash page is in mind to be just a little about ten- our mission, poz4poz, developing and collaborating with existing providers to enhance treatment, bolster education, and create a more visible network of healthy and active poz persons for others to find.

thus far we have (by web pages)

1)FORUM - a monthly educational forum.- held in a community room at a local church with an average of 60 participants includes free dinner and social networking

2)RETREAT- shadowcliff retreats operate 2 yearly 3 day spiritual and health focused gaways at shadowcliff lodge in grand lake colorado. typically we have 40 participants each every summer. organic meals, meditation, lectures, qi xong, massage, yoga, exercise and mountain air.

3)NET- a peer based support group for new positives. still operating solely for gay poz men, it is planned to expand to make itself available for o-pop (other populations)

4)SIN - a colorado based newsletter that is born from an online social network of gay poz men. it has just come through its 1st year of publication (4 issues) and is looking to spread its outreach to statewide and its relevance to all colorado poz citizens.

5)HIV One on One- We are not yet the shephards of this new peer-to-peer mentoring program, but are very much involved in its creation and evolution. We are hoping to continue to be closely linked to this empowering concept of poz persons working together in tandem and one on one to swallow the oversized bite of life changing habits that hiv brings.

see what i mean? for me this is a plethora of ideas that have converged harmonically. i don't know if these will all be lasting, but they are definitely healthy endeavors for the folks involved. i am humbled by the grace that taking these in affords me. i honestly don't see any shame in my work or my life now. this is one of those promises coming true that i never could have even imagined. (shame has been my shadow since i was 10 or 11).

the pic above is a newer logo we are playing around with for the site. (or at least i am). it should be reminiscent of boggle and if you know the game, then you pop the bubble and the letters all fly and jumble and come down in different combinations. maybe it's silly, but i'm having fun with it. and we are hoping more of poz colorado will find it worthwhile to get on our little funk train...

today's sound choice is a vintage classic (vintage here is defined by pre-80's). i used to run to the dance floor, popper bottle in pocket and shake my little groove thing like there was a ribbon caught in my ass and had to work it loose. - sorry for the analogy, but it is a truly a vintage period phrase... munich machine with "get on the funk train"

1 comment:

Jeremiah Andrews said...

I would really like to get on the ride with you as a contributor. Might as well do something with my 15 years life experience.


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