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Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's on

rider michael varnen

the weekend has brought me rest and peace of mind. this is quite a departure from where my weekends were only months ago. the down time was treacherous and hard to maneuver. what a difference a few months can make, as well as a full time job and a need to relax.

i heard from my friend from san francisco again and we are to try to connect soon. amazingly, he came across my name on the sin yahoo group. he told me he saw my name and thought "you've got to be kidding".. i love this coincidence...

got tickets for a laurie anderson performance at colorado state this next month. i haven't seen her for roughly 25 years. i am certainly older and hopefully wiser, and i would expect nothing less of her. i understand she is doing much more with her violin and much of it is even symphonic. she was definitely someone i worshipped in the 80's. she was a thinking artist, pal-ing around with william s burroughs and lou reed. i look forward to the show.

the riders have arrived at the first leg of their 7 day jaunt in the california aids/lifecycle. this annual effort captivates my attention. i admire much both my fellow positives as well as the athletes who take their time to raise money and awareness that this virus has not gone away. so many sacrifices have been made in the struggle to live that i think we have a tendency to take them for granted. but 7 days of gruelling pedalling gets my attention for its heroics and romance..

i am so blessed at this juncture of my life. i have no reason to think why, but luckily i have no reason to think why not. i have re-engaged with my exercise program in the morning and have re-started a nutritional supplement as well. i believe both of these new additions have helped to reshape my perspective. i have quite a week ahead and hope i can weather the ride. it will hardly reflect the challenges that my brothers and sisters are undergoing on their trek, but i honestly hope some part of it will have a similarly directed impact.


1 comment:

Java said...

Have you had to learn how to relax again? I'm glad you had a good weekend.

Good luck with your upcoming week.

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