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Thursday, September 24, 2009

whistle while you work

another week is rounding the bend and i feel good about it. i have discovered a new peace in my life which is becoming a source of comfort. my encounters with clients have seemed to increase recently and quite a few of the clients i have interfaced with previously have returned to talk more. i hope this is an indication that trust is happening.

i have offered most of my home office furniture (all hand me down) to my cousins (brothers) who have recently rented a 4 bedroom house together. what i have is too large for my space and i am in a position to afford to purchase new (already did actually-pictured above) and am excited about reconfiguring the 2nd bedroom at my place.

have been working on a handbook for patients with the assistance of the CAB (community advisory board) from the clinic and my friend jenna from rockethouse designs. it has gone from a 20 page black and white monstrosity to a full-color trifold with a map of the campus and a legend of the new phone tree. hopefully it will present as much more approachable to new patients.

the process for simplifying the intake process for hiv positives at the substance abuse clinic began last friday and i am gratefully included on the committee. our meetings are weekly and process is what we will be focusing on primarily. perhaps curriculum will be down the road. it is really another opportunity to grow and learn to work within the organization and among peers.

my supervisor has requested that we begin a group for our patients. i am again inspired a bit by the prospect to be part of change and anxious to experiment with some of the concepts i encountered at a training last week. it looks as if the group will probably be taking place at our on-campus treatment facility. also a good omen overall.

tomorrow, i am to meet with chris who designs the sin newsletter as we are working on issue 6. i would like to put this puppy to bed and get ready for the next one. my goal is to reorganize this publication and diversify it a bit with the intention of moving it's focus away from just poz gay men into the general poz population and extend it from only metro denver to include all of colorado. a new aspiration is to build a coalition of poz persons statewide which may become useful in these uncertain times ahead of us.

am considering getting outa dodge on saturday, just for an overnight. maybe road-tripping down 285 to get a better spectrum of the magnificent fall color spectacle we are blessed with her. haven't decided on a place to sleep yet, but am sure that will come. am considering buena vista to see mt princeton and go to the hot springs. we'll see what happens.

today's sound choice is not necessarily connected today, but it is a local band. i couldn't find an actual vid for their song, but the audio is what i like anyway. here is single file with "girlfriends"


1 comment:

Sheria said...

Love your taste in office decor, looks fabulous! I also like the music selection, very nice.

Your enthusiasm for your work comes through very srongly, that's also very nice.

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