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Thursday, October 1, 2009

ladybugs, luck, and second chances

Many cultures view ladybugs as lucky, and a great deal of superstition surrounds these small and stylishly outfitted insects. As often happens with superstition, it is actually a bit difficult to determine why ladybugs came to be viewed as lucky. One interesting thing about ladybug superstitions is that these superstitions are so universal: usually, superstitions about living things are quite varied, with different cultures attaching different meanings to everything ranging from black cats to mirrors.

as a new season sweeps into my life, i find myself reminded so many cliches like one day at a time, easy does it, and it ain't over till it's over... all of them have merit and all are true no doubt leading to their becoming a cliche. i like having cliches to fall back on when i'm not on track. i have definitely found them helpful. their predictability and flexibility can ground me usually without fail.

but i also like the concept of stumble upon. my truth seems to also be that i will find doorways, encounters, or adventures in front of me that appear without warning and have lead to amazing places i never expected. now this may sound a little reminiscent of my using days, because there are similarities. however, the big difference is my own ability to be aware and to not be sidetracked by dopamine overload. maybe i'm not explaining this correctly, but suffice it to say it is very different at the onset and definitely different at the outcome. my adventures while using usually landed me in some scenario that was drenched in trouble of some sort. and that layer of detail seems to have been removed when the using was removed. (hallelujah!)

back to the here and now- i repeatedly find myself working on keeping my heart open. i have come to believe that it is wise to do make room for good things to happen if that is my desire. i have to make room in my heart and mind for miracles so they have a place to land when pass by. it sounds simple i know, but for me i have found that it takes work and diligence to actually make this happen.

on many occasions, i have found it habit to slip into sarcasm, cynicism, and worry, which of course are the complete opposite of hope. and the latter is what i hope to grow in my life.

so with this new season moving through my life, i consciously re-commit to holding a space in my soul for good things to happen both to me and around me. one funny side note is that i have repeatedly been finding ladybugs around my house. i think there have been about 10 or so. and i think it's common knowledge that ladybugs foretell good luck. there is nothing to dispute this in my world and i'd like to keep this going.

recovery, luck, and ladybugs. it can be so exhilarating and yet so confusing. but staying open to the possibility of it all requires diligence, commitment, and and open heart. sounds like work, i know, but results are tangible.usually it's a smile i get from inside. and i love to smile. especially smiles from the heart. i'm sure you've heard the cliche- "smile- it's good for your health"

today's sound choice is "second chance" from roger sanchez


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