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Friday, October 2, 2009

ooh oh oh oh

If it makes you feel like a million dollar bill
Say oh oh oh, say oh oh oh !
If you go left right up down
Make you spinning round and round
Say ooh oh oh oh, say ooh oh oh oh !

in this voyage with recovery, i have found that things i have never even conceived of have become possible. i didn't ever think i would be comfortable in my own skin, but it has begun to happen. i never thought i would be working in a hospital, and yet that i find myself in that environment. and i never thought i might have an impact on much of anything other than a dance party or two. but i find i might have underestimated yet again.

there are some changes afoot around me with regard to some policies and procedures that may impact the lives of people on a real time basis. i have neither designed nor implemented these changes, but i did have a hand in bringing the need for them to light. i won't go into details here as they are still in process, but i am humbled by the privilege to be a part of this. treatment should become much easier to access and also remain connected to medical care. these elements may be more closely linked than i ever realized.

if this is my only contribution to this particular venue, then i shall remain a happy man. never in my wildest dreams did i conceive of myself as travelling this road. yet here i find myself, on a path that is filled with wonder, amazement, and even fulfillment. i'm sure this is a location i have not visited before. it's beautiful here and definitely a thrill.

thank you universe, for reminding me once again that there are good things yet to happen.

today's sound choice is certainly obtuse. i have been listening to many, many versions of this song since i first heard it. it is easy, poppy, upbeat, and makes me smile almost every time. this is the freemason's remix of whitney houston with "million dollar bill"


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