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Monday, December 17, 2007

keep it loose, keep it tight

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today i have some events happening and am not sure how they are going to be received at all. i am a bit afraid, but i cannot turn around. i need to go forward. it is where i go.

i am cooking for 60 people this afternoon. luckily, it's not complicated and i have some help on the way. just 4 hams, 12 casseroles, and salad. it's the timing that counts and i should have a really good start on that. but we (hopefully) will be distributing newsletters from s-i-n, which is our new publication for poz folks. i honestly hope it's well received. and what do i do if it's not? keep going... that's what.

i got a call last night from a pharma rep who is bringing a 21 lb turkey w/stuffing and rice and dessert for 50. she is also bringing her 85 yr old mother. she was so chatty and sweet on the phone. her daughter went crazy making desserts. she said 85 percent of the desserts were home made. this has put a lilt in my step. firstly, having extra help is always great. but also, i love sweet sentiment like making food and bringing mom. this is what makes a holiday for me. probably cuz i'm midwestern and a small town boy, but there is nothing that compares to in-your-face kindness and realness.

these have both been such a fun exercises, putting this newsletter team together,and supporting the community educational forums. i have realized that there are many people that actually do want to be involved with something on some level. that's refreshing to me.

well wish me luck...

here's another listen to amos lee. the more i hear him, the more i like him. it doesn't hurt that he's a bit of a hottie, either.


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about you. I'd have to have the fire department on standby if I were throwing that party!

Marc said...

Oh Lordie, will you stop tripping about that newsletter? When is the last time you had an opinion rising to the level of a reaction about any newsletter you've come across?
Trust me, the boys of SIN are terrifically grateful guys like you are doing the hard work of getting this show on the road. You could put out a newsletter in Swahili and they'd kiss your butt.

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