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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

angels and airwaves

image credit: aymeric giraudel

getting back to the real deal. my life revolves around meth recovery and transcendence. it actually is inspired by recovery. i know firsthand that personal hell can be viewed as an illusion once recovery enters the heart. and this would be the message i would hope to transmit.

so many people fear the concept of recovery, i think. maybe because people fall off the wagon and it appears to be transitory. maybe because people fear looking at their own self-medication. maybe all that and more. it doesn't matter.

i believe that whenever a person is trying to change their life for the better and doing so with conviction and with good intentions, it is one of the most admirable ways they can spend their time and energy. if i try to feel better about myself by taking a closer look and taking better care of myself, i am bound to be a better citizen in the world.

i really love the band on this clip. if they have a familiar sound, it might be because it has a former blink 182 member. they are named angels and airwaves. when i was tweaking i was seeped in such a concept- angels and airwaves. maybe i still am. my angels on the airwaves now are marc olmsted, bryan levinson, richard kearns, jim pickett to name a few.they inspire me to try harder, to tell the truth, to extend myself, and to challenge the status quo. hopefully i've just transcended some of my human bondage thanks to recovery and thanks to these blog airwaves. and because transcendence is a possibility, i also believe that it is quite possible that everything's magic.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your blogging support network. In many ways you're extremely lucky. 20 years ago there was no such bonding of internet people with common issues!

Marc said...

I LOVE that "Prophecy" painting. Where/how do you find such artwork. I don't get it-you are one of the busiest persons I've ever met, and yet you manage to find all this stuff. It's like time expands a bit to meet you needs. (This man is MR SERVICE people.)
I posted my Denver pics btw!

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