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Saturday, January 26, 2008

lest we forget

image credit: phillip toledano

well i had a fantastic evening. marc and bryan both came in town to help with denver's first ub2 which is sunday. we went to see the patsy decline show at lannies last night and i laughed for 2 solid hours. patsy is a character that marc and lannie devised back in the early 90's in san diego, and she has been pulverizing country music ever since.

i have a full day at the clinic and still have some details to finalize for tomorrow. i am blessed to be with the help of these two heroes. men can pull their lives back together. when things fall apart, or seem to, it doesn't have to be the end. it can be the beginning.

below is a perfect example of what i mean. enjoy your saturday.


Marc said...

T'was indeed a blast!

Sheria said...

Wow! I knew nothing of this project; thank you so much for posting this video. It needs to be shown in schools, churches, synagogues, town halls, everywhere that people gather. What really resonated with me was the importance of not forgetting. What we forget haunts us and is bound to be repeated. My next stop is the website to find out how to help make the project a reality.

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