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Friday, January 25, 2008

we belong together

image: jack mackenroth (currently on project runway)

so i have a couple of guests coming into town today. one from sf and one from la. it is going to be a festivity-filled weekend. the ub2 is happening on sunday evening and it will be good to see marc again. i haven't met bryan but i am looking forward to that, too. i mean, he started a social network to help himself and it has blossomed into an international thing.

you can even vote for a strength in numbers member who is part of the current project runway airing right now. that's pretty sensational considering SIN started with a pot luck dinner with the hopes of meeting other poz guys.

Hey Everyone -

Not sure if you watch PROJECT RUNWAY, but one of the designers this
season, Jack Mackenroth, is HIV+, is a member of SIN NYC and he needs
your vote! Please do me a favor and forward/post this email to each of
your individual sites. Jack had to leave the show early due to medical
reasons but it wasn't for lack of talent. I won't go into details, you
can just read Jack's message below. It will just take a minute (or two)
to show a little support for someone who has been a positive (and
talented) representative of our community:

You can vote here:

i am nervous and excited about the evening on sunday, however, i will survive no matter what. i certainly know that the activities i find myself involved in these days are not at all what i had envisioned for this time of my life. but i have found some peace of mind and i have wrestled with many of my demons. i am thankful.


Java said...

Hey babe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, that things go really well with these activities. And have fun with the old and new friends!

Captain Goldstar said...

I hope you enjoy your activities this weekend and thank you again for posting. Your blog has been a good resource for men in my community

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I hope you are doing well.

I believe it was you who put me in touch with someone in Cape Town, and I've gone and forgotten to bring the info and I can'T find it on any of my searches of email.

Would you be able to give me the email address again.

Thanks so much!

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