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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i co chair a committee of persons living with hiv in denver. the committee has become aware that an estimated 5000 persons in colorado are currently living with hiv and not in health care. this is disturbing.

we think that having questions about hiv healthcare and about hiv in general may not be as socially acceptable as it once was. we are attempting to create a safer and friendlier environment for those questions from persons infected and affected. and we are gonna have some fun while we do this. in larger cities, it is commonplace to find visible support around hiv, but in a smaller city like denver, it is not necessarily so.

so we are teaming with strength in numbers colorado and the mile high council to produce the 1st of what we hope will be many future get togethers for poz guys called UB2. it will be at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret on Sunday 27 January. Bryan Levinson (the founder of Strength In Numbers) will be joining us from california to share some of his experience getting involved with other poz guys.

as a gay poz man living in denver, i feel i am ready for a bit stronger community among my peers. i run into new positives on a regular basis and would like to make myself a bit more available for moral support if i can. i know i needed it when i tested poz.

my friend marc is flying out from LA also to help. he is a longtime friend of lannie and hooked me up with her to get this started. marc and i met in person in october at the provincetown roundup and i will love seeing him again. i am going to try to put him to work on a project he suggested to me.

i am posting copies of the flyer i had produced to give out. yes virginia, it looks like a ticket. i am giving people enough to give to their friends as well. feel free to copy one for yourself if you'd like to come. i know i plan on going and having a great time and hopefully meeting quite a few new people.


DirtyBitchSociety said...

Darling, we sure need more men/people with your attitude. See, I don't believe in luck, coincidence or magic only destiny and divine intervention. I believe some of us must go through, what we must for a reason. Personally, I had to learn Empathy where I had none. Now, when I write, for my advice column, Ask Aunt Babz I write from experience. It's not just an attempt to have compassion or understanding, as most times, I've been there, done that.

My point is that, we often ask, "Why Me?" I no longer ask that question, I know the answer. It is apparent that I had to go through things, as you have, with/for a purpose. If we help one person, because we have empathy, that purpose is apparent.

Yes, it is quite clear to me, that what you've gone through, where you are, the fact that you're Poz, is not for naught. Take comfort, if nothing else, that your life has reason and rhyme, right?


Java said...

Denver is a small city? Then what is Greenwood, SC? A flea on the back of the dog?
This looks like a fantastic idea. Knowing you, I'm sure you are very pleased to be a part of it. I wish all the best for UB2.

Marc said...

By "help" of course he means I get to walk the runway as the winner of "America's Next Top Bottom."


Don't open a great post with such a hot picture:)

Seattle, fortunately, jumped atop the AIDS crisis immediately and has tried to keep apace. Our biggest problem is the rise of young poz due to a lapse among the young in awareness. The bareback "revolution" in porn and gay society here is pernicious.

But the thing which Seattle did lag behind is hiv among children. My advocacy energy is invested in child welfare, which is scandalous here. Good workers well overloaded by underfunding and shrinking personnel. Every life is vital, but kids seem to really get the short end, because people cannot bear the truth when it comes to children. It's not that most folks don't care; it's just to heartrending. Adult AIDS folks can speak out--the squeaky wheel.

Your life is really admirable, ws.

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