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Thursday, January 24, 2008

talk to him

here is a new ad going in our local paper for the program i work with.

i think that just as difficult it is for a meth addict to find recovery, it is just as difficult (if not more) for the loved ones. this is partially due to the fact that the addict's needs and drama overshadow everyone's light around them. this has got to be frustrating.

i have tried to make amends to most of the people in my life that i put through the wringer when i was twisting in the wind. i still have more repairs to make. it takes time and it takes authenticity and patience to work through some of the problems that my self indulgence created.

here is some advice for partners from strength over speed. i think it has immense value. partners

i really the love the line in this song that goes:"the things that are pleasing you will hurt you someday"

1 comment:

Sheria said...

I adore this song and I agree; it's a killer line. Good ad; good advice no matter the nature of a friend's addiction.

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